Absolute dating techniques anthropology

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Absolute dating techniques anthropology

In Myanmar, they are called Manusiha (from the Sanskrit manu-simha, meaning man-lion).They are depicted in a cat-like crouching posture at the corners of Buddhist stupas.Interestingly, there seems to be two monumental sculptures carved on the façade of the Sphinx-Temple, right above the entrance, on either side.The carvings are heavily eroded, making their identification difficult; but it looks as if the figure on the left could be Kartikeya (Skanda/Murugan) holding his spear (vel); and the figure on the right, a striding Ganesha.An elevated, sculpted, structure to the left of the entrance could be a subsidiary shrine.Overall, there can be little doubt that this a massive, man-made, rock-cut monument of great antiquity.

In Greece, the sphinx had the head of a woman, the wings of an eagle, the body of a lioness, and according to some, the tail of a serpent.A closer look at the Balochistan Sphinx-Temple reveals clear evidence of pillars carved on a boundary wall.The temple entrance is visible behind a large pile-up of sediment or termite mounds.In ancient, sacred architecture, the sphinx performed a protective function, and was generally placed in a pair on either side of entrances to temples, tombs, and sacred monuments.In ancient Egypt, the sphinx had the body of a lion, but its head could be that of a man (Androsphinx), a ram (Criosphinx) or a falcon (Hierocosphinx).

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