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Their daughter, when she came, was untouchable for more reasons than one. Harry and Hermione have gone farther than they ever expected in pursuit of the last task Dumbledore left to them, how are they going to handle it being derailed by the actions of the worlds mightiest heroes? In the aftermath of the Second Blood War its horrors still haunt the survivors, the country needs to be rebuilt and the last thing Harry Potter needed was a family of Potters from another dimension suddenly appearing. Kagome run as far away as she can from her home to find hope. One does not mean the other, but when has that ever meant it wasn't true? The big question- Was Kagome Higurashi worth breaking all the rules for again? Easy: he looks to the heavens and he decrees two words: NO MORE! " Grandpa shouted holding a sealed scroll out to her. At the party Harry makes an unexpected discovery about the man's family. (Harmony, romance/humour/crack)In order to make a good impression, Byakuya needs to get to know his newest subordinate. A man she doesn't know, who didn't even know she existed until she arrived on his doorstep. A conversation she would not soon forget, she learned, as she made her way to his hotel room. What happens when all that a hero sees is death, destruction and dismay everywhere he goes? Complete."When the demon's come, and you can't fight them off any longer, promise me you'll use this! The man takes Harry under his wing and by the end of the summer Harry is invited to a party at the golf club of which his patron is the Managing Director. Harry shows up to interrupt her reading with questions on the female body, and perhaps takes things too far... Unfortunately for them, Loki's friends, acquaintances, fan girls, and even enemies are a bit protective of him. After she's finished in the past, Mama-Higurashi sends her to be with her father. After a show of force from Kagome everything falls into place. Too bad that innocent text message turned into a dirty conversation. Naturally, things don't work out the way he intended. The summer after Harry's fifth year he helps a local pensioner out of a tight spot. Marie's been having a frustrating summer, a frustration that she tries to relieve in perhaps not the most sensible way. What would you do when suddenly confronted with a more than 200 years old marriage contract by a teen and her lawyer? When the Avengers find out where Loki is, they want to retrieve him immediately. Try being a demon lord asking his mother for permisson to mate a human miko. It all started out with an innocent little message on her cell phone.

author/story promotion of other talented folks, some from above listed here, more as well. Hermione Granger is a bibliophile and in the course of her excursions she stumbles onto a long lost cache of knowledge.

I'm sorry but i'm lazy, hope you all don't hate me for it, i'll update as soon as i can. Being related to one of them, though, was her cursed amount of luck. Watch as Harry learns what the true 'Power He Knows Not' is, learns his place in the world and takes control over his life.

And will not be bullied into doing it before hand, don't ask me to do so, thanks.2. Before that though, she managed to kill a snake, save a few kids, and met an oddly cute guy with spiky silver hair, and a porn addiction. Rated M for safety, this will be a more realistic war than the children's story we got in Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows. Crossovers between Inuyasha and Naruto, though I will also allow suggestions for pairings of Kagome and other Anime or Manga characters. At twenty one years old Hermione wasn't expecting to be having a baby any time soon.

She is cast back to the Marauder's Era where she is Hermione Potter, the pureblood fraternal twin sister of James Potter. Sometimes it's like a bludger and it hits you when you're not looking. Kaka/ Fem Naru M rated Response to Paladeus's challenge "Champions of Lilith". The savior of magical Britain is believed dead until he shows up to fight Death Eaters. AUWith demons once again roaming the shinobi nations and death around every corner, those given holy power are in need more than ever.

Now, with new allies and another war, she must look inside herself for a power she never wanted. (Language and battle, mind the rating)Harry had noticed a lot of things that didn't add up around him. When Ron left the tent during the hunt for the horcruxes, he finally manages to get the true Hermione back. Hermione's destiny is altered by the Powers that Be. Prompt fill on tumblr: Sometimes love is like a snitch and you've got to wait for it to show itself. In a desperate cry for help during the Graveyard scene, Harry receives help from his father. What if Harry not only had a Norse deity for a father, but was also a descendant of a Greek god as well?

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