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Girls for flirt tex chat online

We get along because both he and I are very quiet people. I have to demand my time with him most of the time, but when I do get some us time its a beauty. He always told me I was perfect in every way with an exception of working nights which kept us from being up each others ass all the ti me. I blame myself for our breaking up do to the fact I was too easy going, always giving him his own way.

He likes to play video games and I like to read and we respect each others need and time for those things. It has happened in places I would not even do it in if I wasn't riled up. I feel like I am riding a roller coaster dating this Capri, but there is just something about him that keeps me wanting him. We both busy well mainly him so we don't have sex that much which is fine with me. I do thank god for one thing, we never moved in together, that would of lasted all of 5 min.

Its nice to see a man help an old lady get something off a shelf because she can't reach. But that is about as bad as he gets and he is one in a million. One was born in January and the other was born Dec. My January Capricorn was the one who I met in my early twenties. He had a day job in the aerospace industry and ran a band in the evenings and weekends. He was social (contrary to the homebody reputation). Its hard not to linger but I am trying my hardest not to. I wanna build a friend ship as well as a romantic one. I wont get into are break-up, it was horrible, but I will say the reason we are not together is because for the first time I refuse to crawl back, begging, pleading, writing letters etc.

And another thing, he's doesn't take the time out to know me more as a person, I wish he did cause if he did there would be not arguments most of the time and I wouldn't have to think he's cheating or even think about cheating myself. I am working us working as a team but a t the same time I support him in whatever he's doing and stay focus on my goals as well. yes they hard working and would work over time for fun. And a little off in bed meaning they do things backwards. God forbid if he would do any of those things, never in a million years, he's to good for that.

He tends to be a big kid and while that is okay in certain instances, there comes a time when you have to an adult and take care of your responsibilities.

Sex is normal, nothing out of this world, but not terrible. And I write for a living and need a lot of alone time for work.

This is the roughest but most loving relationship I ever been in, its crazy and nerve rocking. What a shame, that's ok, I don't want to be with somebody that wouldn't do what ever it takes to be with the person they love more than anything because of their stubbornness.

All I can say its his loss and I think he know that. I am a Libra woman married to a Capricorn man for the last four years.

I'd recommend him because he always is willing to lend a hand to help out a person, whether he knows them or not. I like my clutter and he just doesn't understand that. Our relationship probably would have turned to marriage, however, he developed a rare form of Cancer and passed away. I have my way of knowing how he's feeling about something. I like the fact the he is very determine but sometimes he doesn't realize that I am human and a Libra female too so I need that attention from him. Initiating sex with my cap is sooooooo slow but then WHOA! But it wasn't all bad we had some great times, just not enough of them .I think it shocked the hell out of him that I made no attempts to reconcile COL. It has been a relationship full of ups and downs but I feel that our relationship is worth the try and I have been trying my best to work things out...yes, we do have our differences. im a very sexual romantic Libra girl and my new Capri boyfriend is content with once a month sex.I don't know if I won, there is no winner when it comes to broken hearts. actually everything he likes I dislike and vice versa..girls, its quite fun to do his thing once in a while and he will enjoy doing our thing the only thing that can make anything possible..have the best husband material u can ever have but don't expect him to know any gentlemanly manners....u might have to be careful while entering doors, cuz he will enter first and might bang the door on ur face..does it without meaning it...he's not courteous at all....bless adorable... he s great in every other way so far so im really confused....I am a Libra female, I have been with my Capricorn man for over 4 years now, actually till be 5 years that we met in July of this year. Well anyway, it started off where I was just so intrigued by him, he was much different from what I was normally used to, I am extremely social, I have more guy friends than I know what to do with, I mean it...course no new boyfriends will like this, of course I am also packed with grace and excellent debating skills, so he sees it and now he is proud, he thinks I am an elegant host. While Im all innocent, loving on my cap man, pretty sure we will do everything together....does get a little boring, and so I was seeing this Gemini guy while me and my cap took a break... is sex a determining factor for relationship longevity or not.He loves that people admire me and surround me at parties. The more that I love him, the more that I see, Astrology and the chemistry that makes it up, isn't always accompanied by love. You can be completely opposite signs and be completely in love, and its not good or bad, its whatever you want, and for Libras, that's just insanity. I would never take things inappropriately far unless I knew it wouldn't hurt anyone, so this, we hang out, we laugh for showing me things I forgot about. for the first time in my life actually don't want to cheat so im stuck being unhappy in the bed but always happy during the day. I've been dating a Capricorn guy who is 16 yrs older than me from the moment we met we had the best chemistry talking the point where we cant keep our hands off of each other.

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Probably the only thing we really agree on is that we both love music, but even the variety of music often varies greatly.

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