Lje online dating

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Lje online dating

I have now added two press releases and more pictures on progress from June and August 2015 (updated 14th September 2015).

Thanks to Trevor Heath for this (added 13th February 2014).

Congratulations to Gabriel Asenjo of G&G and Shaun Mc Mahon as part of INTI for all the hard work they have put in to get this project so far in a relatively short time. Local magazine Tren Rodante ( - link found broken on 27th October 2017) had an article in edition 202 which covers this, but also an illustrated historical (Spanish language) article on RFIRT (3rd November 2015).

A further November press release has now appeared (27th November 2015), followed by news up till the end of the year (13th February 2015)..

Click here for more information (link added 2nd October 2000).

This is a 500mm gauge (narrow gauge or miniature according to your point of view) running out of Ushuaia into a national park in the deep south of the country - it carries large numbers of tourists many of whom arrive in cruise liners. Jack Neville sent a report of a November 2014 visit (23rd December 2014) Currently it has 3 steam locomotives on the roster: For some time Shaun Mc Mahon was chief engineer here and as such was involved in ensuring that the steam locomotives were modified to reflect best 'modern' practice as far as was practical.

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However, a later Spanish language reports stated that the dispute had been settled and the railway would resume operation on 2nd February 2013 ( (1st February 2013).

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