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Oblivion goranga dating system v1 01

also just use discretion when installing them, the mods that are more 'essential' (FCOM, for example) should be closer to the end so hopefully none of the important files are overwritten.

things like loading screen replacers can go earlier. I had DR6 and it worked just fine installing it fairly early (I had all my combat and skill mods near the top right after FCOM at the time), but I didn't have mods that messed with its meshes.

Useful resource for playing with mod setups - m TES4 Manager.

It clones Oblivion, and automates the swapping between setups, and then allows more clones at whatever point you like.

I have a lot of the mods you have, and they work just fine the way I listed (almost everything I have installs via the BAIN system, so it's pretty much automatic overwriting and whatnot). That was rough, I botched it up a couple of times so I had to revert to my backup directory... [EDIT] Running FCOM alone works, [aside]thank god[/aside].

The only mods that I install via OBMM are the scripted ones like AWLS and Sensual Walks, among others. Here goes a first run just using FCOM and a couple of others. I'll play through the sewers just to have the save and then try the rest a couple at a time.

I always install FCOM and all its components first, simply because I want to make sure I installed it correctly before I even try installing anything else.

Generally speaking, I would install the mods that make the bigger changes later.

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After that, I've made a full-length replica of the installation directory as a backup elsewhere in case I have to revert back to vanilla.