Polyamory married and dating news

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Polyamory married and dating news

“I’m not trying to freak the norms,” said Kevin, who wrote a book about polyamory and race. Kevin can’t say exactly how many people he’s seeing — that’s always evolving. Kay, who is pansexual and open to all gender identities, has Kevin, plus her boyfriend and her nonbinary partner.

She practices what’s called “solo poly,” meaning she isn’t in a “primary” relationship with anyone.

“My sense of it is that the stigma is lessening, but it’s still there.” Some studies suggest 5 percent of Americans are in consensual nonmonogamous relationships, but as many as one in five Americans has been in one at some point in his or her life.

And though the reasons someone chooses polyamory vary — some say it’s a deep-seated part of their sexual orientation, others say it’s more of a relationship-style preference — the consensus among experts is that it’s not a fear of commitment.

Though she’s happy in her relationships, Kay admits “it can get really tiring.” Kevin and Antoinette keep up with each other’s romantic lives, including each other’s sex lives.

They don’t necessarily need the details, but they do share with each other any relevant sexual health information.

The three fell in love and in April had a commitment ceremony — a de facto wedding for the polyamorous triad, although Sonia’s marriage to Shallena and Cliff is not legal.

One wife, two kids, and multiple partners makes for some busy days, and logistics are a challenge.Logistics are difficult (enter elaborate Google calendars), jealousy happens, and there’s a coming-out process for people in polyamorous relationships that can open them up to criticism and judgment.But those who are able to make it work say the benefits of living and dating openly far outweigh the drawbacks.Still, they avoid exercising any control over each other’s relationships.Kevin said if Antoinette’s boyfriend (known as Kevin’s “metamour”) decides to sleep over, “they can have the bedroom” — Kevin’s just fine in his basement man cave.

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“A lot of people say, ‘How can you love more than one person?

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