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The truth of it is that they were really just glorified web browsers, video screens, and Kindle readers.I didn’t communicate on them, I didn’t on them, and I certainly didn’t take them everywhere I went.I asked about early upgrade pricing - 0 on top of the 9 AT&T already charged for the phone - but I was a student, and my meager checking account balance could barely withstand the regular on-contract price and accompanying increase in the monthly service fee.

Anyway, I guess I could use the Assistant app for i OS if I really wanted, but I can’t say I see that happening much. Switching to an i Phone means those conversations now support rich integration for media, web and app links, and (groan) animoji.The same went for a good number of other bundled applications. I’m not interested in Apple’s take on apps that already serve my needs effectively (Inbox, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Photos), unless I’m otherwise forced to use them (e.g., Siri, i Message).Aside from some of Google’s apps not yet adopting the i Phone X’s 18:9 layout, I’ve found that being a Google user on i OS is totally fine.NAfter seven-plus years with Android, the i Phone certainly feels restrictive to me in some ways.Still, it probably feels far less so today than it would have even a few years ago.

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