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A narrow tube with a telescope at the end, called a hysteroscope, is passed through your vagina and cervix.

A guidewire is used to insert a tiny piece of titanium metal (called a microinsert) into the hysteroscope, then into each of your fallopian tubes.

If the coils of the implant are seen to be in the correct position tubal occlusion can be assumed If blocking the fallopian tubes has been unsuccessful, the tubes may be completely removed. Your GP will strongly recommend counselling before referring you for sterilisation.

Ideally, this should be with you and your partner if appropriate and acceptable.

This means a woman's eggs cannot meet sperm, and fertilisation cannot happen.

Female sterilisation is usually carried out under general anaesthetic, but can be carried out under local anaesthetic, depending on the method used.Sterilisation is usually carried out using tubal occlusion.First, your surgeon will need to access and examine your fallopian tubes, using either laparoscopy or mini-laparotomy.Eggs will still be released from the ovaries as normal, but they will be absorbed naturally into the woman's body.Female sterilisation works by preventing eggs from travelling down the fallopian tubes.

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However, a mini-laparotomy may be recommended for women who: The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published guidance about hysteroscopic sterilisation.

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