Steven universe episode 47 online dating

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Steven universe episode 47 online dating

His videos on You Tube are further proof that he's a crazy man, irredeemable, a vile piece of garbage.

God knows what he'd be doing if he wasn't a bedridden behemoth.

His behavior is chilling; he's a pathological liar and manipulator and if doesn't get what he wants he hurls abuse at anyone around until he gets it.

He was clearly eating a ton every day - that's all coming out somehow. Sickness."The campy guy a couple of episodes ago who kept screaming "My legs, my LEGS" (I think his name was David?

) was the most awful one ever, whining and complaining over nothing. Now telling him he had to go back where he came from; if he lost weight then they could discuss the possibility of weight loss surgery. seemed very upbeat and was sure that he was going to improve.

He and his brother Justin were both featured on "My 600 Pound Life." EVERYBODY on these shows blames their food addition on being abused as a child and these two are no exception.

Justin is the more sympathetic; he seems to have always been in the shadow of his big brother Steven, who gets all the attention.

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These threads always attract some loon who wants to prattle on about how they pay for the food.

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