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On the other hand, when asked about the breakup rumour, Karena's camp stated that the actress will only focus on filming her new movie in mainland China for now.Linda Chung, who has always attracted numerous male artistes, previously rejected playboy Raymond Lam and "lady killer" Ron Ng’s good intentions, and decided to invest her love in herself, and no other.20 Dec – Rumours of conflict between celebrity couple Raymond Lam and Karena Ng sparked again after the former declined to talk about his girlfriend of five years during an interview with the Hong Kong media." data-reactid="18"20 Dec – Rumours of conflict between celebrity couple Raymond Lam and Karena Ng sparked again after the former declined to talk about his girlfriend of five years during an interview with the Hong Kong media. As to whether Karena celebrated his birthday earlier this month, Raymond said that the actress was too busy with work and that he only celebrated it with his family.As reported on Mingpao, the actor who returned to Hong Kong to attend a horse race event in Sha Tin recently, tried to change the subject when asked whether he and Karena will be celebrating Christmas together."She's busy, and I am busy. When asked if there is a problem in their relationship, he responded, "I really don't have anything to say."However, he then said yes when asked if he still considers her his girlfriend.However, when they were preparing to walk to the restaurant together, the sharp-eyed Linda suddenly realized that reporters were around taking pictures.In the chaos, Linda immediately signalled to her "boyfriend", then sped back into the car, and her "boyfriend" cleverly drove away speedily as well.Then, they sped past many red lights in order to get rid of the reporters and in the process reporters got off their cars to take pictures.

The two of them kneweach other from University in Canada, and met each other again in the beginningof this year.When Linda pulled down the shades for her "boyfriend" to avoid the cameras, seeing that reporters continued taking pictures, Linda changed her mind, appearing as ‘TV Queen”,changing from initial Miss Cool to a smiling, welcoming Linda.Failing to get rid of the reporters, Linda got her "boyfriend" to let her get off the car at Aberdeen, trying to divert attention away from him.On the 10th of May extended holiday, about 6.30pm, she purposely wore low-key looking attire, and wore little makeup, a black cap,black thick-rimmed glasses, a T-shirt and a black backpack like a common civilian, having 0 celebrity style, and would be difficult to point her out as the TV Queen.Making herself look completely different from normal, she took action extremely carefully, and when she left her flat in Tseung Kwan O, and walked to the bus interchange where her "boyfriend" was waiting in a private car in the drop-off point, she was on high alert the whole time, looking left and right from time to time, until she got onto her "boyfriend’s" Audi car and set off, and then she was on even higher alert to check if anyone suspicious around her got into their cars first (reporters). Leaving her flat in Tseung Kwan O, Linda looks around vigilantly, toensure that no reporters got into their cars first before going into herboyfriend’s car. Once she realised that reporters were taking pictures, Linda immediately got into the car again, and called for her boyfriend to escape quickly. In order to prevent her boyfriend from being caught in pictures, Linda helped to lower the shades, thinking that this way, the reporters would not be able to take their pictures.

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Recently Raymond Lam was afraid that the Pan Shuang Shuang fiasco might happen again, so he sent an SMS to Linda Chung to warn her.

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